artist consultancy
September 20, 2016
19:00 – 21:00
Deltagere: 5

Corporate philanthropy is an oblique kind of investment; the cost/benefit is not a straightforward calculation. For one, it’s an investment in employee morale, which is an important part of affective management. It’s also a marketing investment in public image (and the tax write-offs don’t hurt either). But most importantly, philanthropy is an investment in the general project of neoliberalism: the premise that unrestrained private profit is good for society at large. A tech company running an urban garden or an artist-in-residence program is living proof that the government need not intervene in big business; otherwise, as the author of a 1979 book called The New Corporate Philanthropy forewarned: “the government will inevitably be brought in to address problems.”


"The Artist-in-Consultance: Welcome to the New Management", Elvia Wilk, 2016

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