September 06, 2016
19:00 – 21:00
Deltagere: 6

Introduktion: Mark Tholander

Sommeren er omme og vi glæder os til atter at samles for at diskutere, konspirere og bore i materiale, der kredser om de æstetiske discipliner!

Vi lægger ud med læsning og afkodning af teksten 'parasitten', der for nyligt var under luppen, da vi i starten af august drog til Zürich for at besøge vores udenlandske pendant og kære samarbejdspartner. Vi genbruger indledende materiale og pitch fra turen fra Schweiz, der lød sådan her:

This tuesday, we will read about satyrs, athletes, wrestlers, gods and a blind man - figures that seem to have little in common with each other but all play a role in Michel Serres' book "The Parasite". What is his concept of parasitism, how does it connect these figures - and how can it be used to discuss human relations as well as other systems? One quickly realises, when reading just a few lines of "The Parasite" that Serres doesn't explore these question in a classical philosophical way. To quote a part of the introduction, written by Cary Wolfe:

"Can there be undeferred knowledge? Can we open the black box? And what would such a thing look like? These questions brings us [...] to Serres's "method", to his writing, perplexing and unwieldly here as perhaps nowhere else in his body of work. Perhaps, to answer those questions, we just have to do the impossible anyway. Perhaps it is a question of what we think "thinking" is, not a reflection or representation but a performance, a practice. [...] Serres is not content to say that we must rethink certain notions, redefine certain concepts; he doesn't say it, doesn't argue for it, he just does it, and in so doing, he sets out new coordinates for the praxis of thinking.”


uddrag af "Parasitten", Michel Serres, 1982

Det anbefales som altid at møde forberedt til samtalen.